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Sat Aug 7 16:03:17 UTC 2010

#8746: Incorrect positioning of OSD
 Reporter:  otto at kolsi dot fi     |           Owner:  markk     
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Changes (by markk):

  * owner:  janne => markk
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 Can you try and upload a clip from that file that is long enough to skip

 The root cause here is that the decoder fails to detect the size of the
 video stream:-

 2010-08-07 13:22:52.357 VDP: LoadBestPreferences(16x16, 60)

 and falls back to some default values (640x480). After that things get a
 little messy for some reason. The decoder seems to pick up 720x576 again
 but not the framerate (hence the double rate deinterlacer fails) and then
 the OSD is still re-created at the wrong size.

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