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#8717: DTS tracks on DVD as iso won't play using internal player
 Reporter:  rconstantine1@…          |       Owner:  skamithi  
     Type:  defect                   |      Status:  new       
 Priority:  minor                    |   Milestone:  0.23-fixes
Component:  MythTV - DVD Playback    |     Version:  0.23-fixes
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 I guess the info I provided on another ticket was unrelated(?) to the
 issue I posted it to and is therefore being ignored, so here is a new
 ticket. Sorry for the mix up.

 If I rip a DVD and only keep the DTS audio track, it will not play on
 0.23-fixes using the internal player. All other players I have tried work
 just fine.

 The original issue I posted into was this:

 An edited copy/paste of my portion of that thread is this:

 Out of about 200 DVDs turned ISOs, the following won't play sound. All
 were ripped with DVDFab (v5 I think). Most are only the main movie, but a
 few have the menu.

 * Movies
   * The Bourne Identity
   * Bringing Gollum to Life
   * Chain Reaction
   * The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
   * Clear and Present Danger
   * Die Another Day
   * Galaxy Quest
   * Gattaca
   * The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
   * I, Robot
   * All discs from The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition
   * The Mask of Zorro
   * Minority Report
   * Moulin Rouge
   * Monty Python and the Holy Grail
   * Mr. & Mrs. Smith
   * O, Brother Where Art Thou
   * Pearl Harbor Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
   * The Recruit
   * Serenity
   * Spiderman 2
   * Stargate - Ultimate Edition
   * Titan A.E.
   * U-571
   * Unbreakable
   * X2
   * X-Men: The Last Stand

 Like I said, I have a zillion others that work. For now, I'm using the
 field (can't remember what it is named) in the DB table to use Xine on
 just those movies. I'm running Mythdora 12.23 with MythTV 0.23-fixes.

 My original install of Myth was from Mythdora 4, which I think was running
 0.20. I couldn't use the internal player for movies at all with that, so
 I'd say this is a huge improvement. I suppose it must be pretty tricky to
 figure out why Xine and VLC play these ISOs just fine when the internal
 Myth player won't or you'd have worked it all out by now.

 I'm wondering if the tool used to rip has anything to do with it. I tried
 to re-rip The Bourne Identity [using Myth's built-in tools], but my DVD
 drive in my Myth box is either busted (which I'm just now learning about
 since I never use it), or it can't read these discs for some reason. I'll
 try some others.

 I have a hunch that Myth may not handle DTS audio. I need to check, but as
 I was messing with The Bourne Identity last night, I noticed it had DTS
 and historically, if I have had a choice between DD and DTS, I have chosen
 DTS. I'll check tonight to see whether all movies in my list have DTS. I
 will also try to re-rip Bourne using the Dolby Digital audio and see if it

 Tonight I re-ripped The Bourne Identity with the Dolby Digital audio track
 and it indeed works fine. I haven't checked to see whether the others are
 DTS too, but it's looking good that this is the problem. That would
 explain why menu audio plays OK on ISOs that have them. Menus aren't in
 DTS. I'm going to start re-ripping my other discs and I'll note here if
 there are any that aren't "fixed". But still, Xine and VLC play the DTS
 audio just fine, so there must be a way to get Myth's internal player to
 do so as well. And for all I know, some of my ISOs that work may be DTS
 too. I usually only rip one 5.1 audio stream and I can't believe my list
 above are the only ones in DTS.

 So if a fix is to be worked on, what data (logs) are needed? If it isn't,
 then I suppose the wiki should get a note not to rip DVDs using the DTS
 stream. I suppose I'll see how one goes about adding content to the wiki.

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