[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8175: Themestrings which contains a newline character are untranslatable

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Mon Apr 12 00:49:20 UTC 2010

#8175: Themestrings which contains a newline character are untranslatable
 Reporter:  Kenni Lund <kenni@…>        |       Owner:  reynaldo
     Type:  defect                      |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  minor                       |   Milestone:  unknown 
Component:  Translations                |     Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                      |     Mlocked:  0       

Comment(by Nicolas Riendeau <knight@…>):


 I am attaching to this ticket a fix for the above-mentioned problem.

 The problem was, essentially, that the strings extracted by
 themestring/themestringstool and then imported with lupdate are slightly
 reformatted to in the process (\n is converted to a real newline and the
 non-significant spaces caused by the XML formatting are removed) and when
 Qt tries to look them up it doesn't find them.

 What this patch does is essentially reformat the text looked up in the
 same way themestring/themestringtool does it so that the translated text
 can actually be found.

 The patch has been tested with the Danish translation by Kenni Lund (of
 the Danish translation) and with the French translation by Gilles and me
 (of the French language translation team). A big thanks to Gilles and
 Kenni for their help! It has also been tested with the English
 "translation" to make sure it did not have any adverse effect.

 The problem was initially reported (to me) by Gilles.

 Thank you!


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