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Sat Oct 31 06:12:20 UTC 2009

#7406: MythCenter EPG - cannot change channel
 Reporter:  kbass@…            |       Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  defect             |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  major              |   Milestone:  unknown
Component:  MythTV - General   |     Version:  0.22rc1
 Severity:  medium             |     Mlocked:  0      

Comment(by mdean):

 (In [22674]) Refs #7406.  Fix channel change in the EPG.  After this
 commit, SELECT changes the channel and dismisses the EPG when watching
 LiveTV and the selected show's starttime is less than now +
 SelChangeRecThreshold.  Users who prefer to always edit a schedule should
 use the EDIT keybinding or access "Edit Schedule" through the MENU.

 In the mythui port of guidegrid, the MENU key was changed to show the menu
 (as it should).  Unfortunately since prior to this change MENU was used to
 change the channel and dismiss the EPG, this meant that the only way to
 change channel and dismiss the EPG when in LiveTV was to enable
 SelectChangesChannel and use the SELECT key.  Since the use of the MENU
 key to change channels doesn't fit the UI consistency guidelines, it makes
 sense to just remove the SelectChangesChannel setting and always use its

 This change also fixes SELECT so that it does not attempt to change the
 channel if not watching LiveTV (when using the alternate EPG while playing
 back a recording).  Furthermore, to ensure all functionality is always
 available in spite of SELECT's dual-usage, it adds "Change Channel" to the
 menu when watching LiveTV and adds "Edit Recording Status" to the menu for
 shows that match a recording rule (where "Edit Recording Status" is the
 function SELECT gives for a show that matches a rule and starts after
 SelChangeRecThreshold minutes--the "allow you to resolve conflicts or
 change overrides" in keys.txt).

 I will backport this change to 0.22-fixes after 0.22 is released.  Until
 then users should enable the setting, "Use select to change the channel in
 the program guide" or use the CHANUPDATE keybinding (by default, 'X') to
 change the channel and then dismiss the EPG with ESCAPE.

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