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Thu Oct 8 14:57:29 UTC 2009

#6817: FF Seek Problem On Live TV
 Reporter:  brad at codesoldier.net     |        Owner:  janne   
     Type:  defect                   |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                    |    Milestone:  0.22    
Component:  MythTV - Video Playback  |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                   |   Resolution:          
  Mlocked:  0                        |  

Comment(by gigem):

 Replying to [comment:11 danielk]:
 > gigem: if you force needToSave to true at the start of
 RecorderBase::SavePositionMap(), does that resolve the issue for you?

 No, that doesn't fix the problem.  I have found an easy way to produce it,
 though, by doing the following.

 Start a recording, start playing it and catch up to real time.

 Watch the program for a few minutes to get familiar with the content and
 then choose a good reference point such as the start or end of a
 commercial break.

 Pause the playback and wait a couple of minutes.

 Unpause the playback and press skip forward.

 Instead of skipping forward, playback will actually pick up slightly
 before where it was paused.

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