[mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r22930 by markk

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Sun Nov 29 14:52:17 UTC 2009

      Author: markk
        Date: 2009-11-29 14:52:17 +0000 (Sun, 29 Nov 2009)
New Revision: 22930
   Changeset: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/22930




Branch libmythui-osd: Use MythRenderOpenGL as the render device for
VideoOutputOpenGL and its helper class OpenGLVideo.

WARNING: As is, this will crash intermittently on Linux/X11 as rendering
is via the parent QGLWidget which sits in the main UI thread and we are
triggering X calls from at least 2 other threads. Going forward we need
to either move the main video output loop into the UI thread and make
access from other threads safe (preferred option) or reimplement large
parts of the Qt OpenGL code to gain direct access to the underlying X
display connection (no thanks!). The former option is probably needed
anyway if we are to implement any advanced eye candy at a later date.

The softblend OSD option has been removed and, as for the
VideoOutputVDPAU changes, the full screen OSD is temporarily disabled.

Performance and features should otherwise be unchanged, though both
hardware and sotware Bobdeint appear to be broken in some way.

Refs #7650.

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