[mythtv-commits] Ticket #7650: Use libmythui to draw the OSD

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Wed Nov 25 01:16:30 UTC 2009

#7650: Use libmythui to draw the OSD
 Reporter:  markk                    |       Owner:  markk   
     Type:  task                     |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  minor                    |   Milestone:  0.23    
Component:  MythTV - Video Playback  |     Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                   |     Mlocked:  0       

Comment(by markk):

 (In [22897]) Branch libmythui-osd: Add MythRenderVDPAU as a new general
 purpose VDPAU
 context. This will replace VDPAUContext for rendering both UI elements
 and video.

 The main changes from the existing class are:-
 - it is thread safe so should have no difficulty with access from
 multiple 'clients'. Multiple decoder locks may be needed for efficient
 handling of multiple decoders, though they should currently work
 - adds initial, though untested, support for the new VDPAU high quality
 scaling feature.
 - it provides opaque resource handles to clients to allow seemless
 recovery from display preemption. Preemption events no longer require
 the video output classes to be recreated. The main complication here is
 that recreation of VideoOutputSurfaces needs to be triggered from the
 decoder (when hardware decoding), so we allocate a thread 'owner' to
 each surface and re-create as needed.

 Despite extensive locking and QHash usage, performance appears to be
 unchanged from the existing class(es). Both locking and QHash checks
 could possibly be relaxed going forward.

 Refs #7650

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