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#7519: Mac OS X 10.6.1 compile missing symbols related to mysql
 Reporter:  astralbodies@…          |       Owner:  nigel
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 Priority:  critical                |   Milestone:  0.22 
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Comment(by anonymous):

 - also, after building the Mac components, it is important to tar-chive or
 delete the .osx-packager directory; otherwise, when you launch the
 resulting Myth applications, they will (when LD debugging is enabled)
 print errors proclaiming that they may pull Qt libraries from their
 internal application bundles or from the .osx-packager or other locations
 and it's "undefined" as to which they might pull from.  I suppose if you
 have any other instances of Qt's .dylib's laying around on your system,
 you should dispose of them in the same manner.  The osx-packager.pl should
 prompt the user to scan for this and tar-chive them.

 - the mac port of MythFrontEnd on 10.6 should detect its on a Mac, query
 the database for current playback video settings and prompt the user if it
 wants to initialize them to the most optimal profile (because there are
 only 2 or 3 different video chips used by the various Macs, as opposed to
 infinite hardware/X11 combinations for the other platforms.)  Presently,
 the user is left to experiment and may get it wrong, without looking at
 the source code to find out what's been optimized.  This needs to be done
 at runtime, but it is an osx-packager.pl type artifact (because osx-
 packager is selecting the ffmpeg, x264 build-settings, etc.)  Not
 something anyone else could do.

 - finally, building MythBackEnd.app on Snow Leopard with the above 32-bit
 patches creates a bundle, but launching the app results in "illegal
 instruction." If video is coming in from HDHomeRun or IPTV (and not
 Firewire), a possible workaround to not having MythBackEnd running
 natively on Snow Leopard would be to run it under Linux in a VMware Fusion
 instance, mapping a folder on the Mac's HFS+ filesystem to Linux path
 /mnt/hfgs/xxx and registering both the pathname on the Mac side and the
 pathname on the Linux side (in that order) in the Default storage group
 using MythTV-Setup (so MythFrontEnd can read from the Mac path directly
 without streaming from the VM, even though incoming video from HDHomeRun
 is still being written through the CPU-intensive HGFS fileshare from the
 Linux side); however, MythFrontEnd performance during live video and
 the-virtual-machine side of the "shared folder" will result in some packet
 loss (jerky video and occasional audio buzzing live or in the recordings)
 due to all the overhead.  Using an externally connected USB hard drive
 mapped exclusively to VMware Fusion "raw" disk mode might be a work-
 around, though MythFrontEnd will only be able to access the mpegs on it by
 streaming them from the MythBackEnd on the VM and so it starts to make
 sense to move the VM off the Mac entirely (ie, to an Atom machine or
 something).  Using an external NAS (accessible from MythBackEnd VM and
 from MythFrontEnd on Mac OS X) might work, but that requires using the
 Mac's built-in 1000TX Ethernet and in the case of HDHomeRun, a separate
 (USB/PCIe-to-) Ethernet adapter would be needed (since a dual tuner
 HDHomeRun practically requires a dedicated 100TX connection and if it is
 connected to a 1000TX switch, the whole switch will simply slowdown to
 100TX speeds whenever it is talking, which is often).  In other words,
 it's kind of crucial to get MythBackEnd running on Snow Leopard natively
 (and attach storage via normal USB2, FireWire 800 or SATA3), to eliminate
 all the HGFS kernel overhead so recordings/live-TV work and to leave the
 Ethernet port free for HDHomeRun and/or IPTV.

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