[mythtv-commits] Ticket #6242: A "grabber" query engine for thetvdb.com - based on tmdb.pl functionality

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Tue Mar 17 22:52:35 UTC 2009

#6242: A "grabber" query engine for thetvdb.com - based on tmdb.pl functionality
 Reporter:  r.d.vaughan at rogers.com      |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  enhancement                 |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                       |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  Contributed Scripts & Apps  |      Version:  unknown
 Severity:  low                         |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by r.d.vaughan at rogers.com):


 Bug(s) fixed:

 1) Fixed bug with -N option when episode name contains words from more
 than one episode. Now the exact matching episode name is selected for the
 episode number.

 2) tvdb_api fixed an obscure cache file bug if thetvdb.com site is
 unreachable when a cache file is being created. Previously that cache file
 and its associated series was locked out until a reboot or the cache file
 expired (~6hrs).


 1) Removed the -o (override file)

 2) Add a -c (user configuration file) this is a replacement of the
 override features with standard Linux configuration file format. See
 "ttvdb-example.conf" for details.

 3) Included Series name key value pair to the output of Episode meta data
 (option -D)

 4) Changed season/episode number default output format to e.g. "S04E12"

 5) Now ALL available episode meta data is returned. This includes meta
 data that the MythTV data base does not currently store.

 6) Meta data 'Year' now derived from the year in episode release date.


 1) Increased accuracy of -N option when thetvdb.com episode name is
 slightly different then what MythTV provides via Schedule Direct.

 2) Added option (-t) to return only a TV Show's top rated graphic URLs as
 rated on thetvdb.com wiki

 3) Added option (-l) to select only graphic URLs that match the local user

 4) Added option (-n) to return the series's season numbers in a comma
 delimited string (e.g. "1,2,3")

 5) Added option (-m) so that ttvdb works better when executed within
 mythvideo to download data

 6) Added Posters and Banners URLs selection for a specific Season of a

 7) Increased the amount of massaging of episode meta data to replace XML
 characters like "&"

 8) A thetvdb.com SID (5 digit series identification number) or series name
 can be used for all data  retrieval except -M (lists) which assumes series
 names for searches. Series names like "90210" are handled correctly.

 9) A TV episode filename can be used instead of a series name and ttvdb
 will parse the name to extract the series name, season and episode numbers
 which are then used to get data.

 Know bug:

 1) If thetvdb.com site is so overloaded that it cannot respond to it's own
 SQL call an invalid cache file is created. Queries to that specific TV
 series will cause a series not found error message until the cache expires
 or is cleared (a reboot). This issue is within tvdb_api. Hopefully a
 solution will be found shortly. It only rarely occurs.

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