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#6656: Frontend uses 100% CPU when paused
 Reporter:  anonymous                |        Owner:  ijr           
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Comment(by gnome42):

 Replying to [comment:4 anonymous]:
 > Thanks for checking.  I tried again with -v all, and there's tons of
 logs, but as you suspected, everything stops during the pause.
 > But... I went looking at the code and found this:
 > NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:
 > 3695:         if (paused)
 > ...
 > 3732:                 //printf("startplaying waiting for unpause\n");
 > 3733:                 usleep(500);
 > Things improve if I set it to usleep(1000) - i.e. 1ms.  Is there a
 reason this sleep interval is so short?

 Not that I'm aware of and it does seem to be a very short sleep for being
 paused. I wonder why more people aren't seeing high cpu usage when paused.

 Change sets touching that area are ancient so I imagine it might just be
 some bitrot.

 It looks like a power wasting, BBQ feature and we ain't gettin' no steaks
 out of it! Your frontend should be using zero cpu when paused, IMHO. How
 large do you have to make that sleep to achieve that? (5 or 10ms perhaps?)

 Good find, and thanks for digging into it!

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