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#5278: Firewire Uses Bad Port Number and Fails
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:7 Mike Rice <mikerice1969 at gmail.com>]:
 > Using the internal changer (and broadcast mode) things usually appear
 fine directly after restarting the backend.  A recording (or LiveTV)
 starts recording and after some minutes 15-45 minutes typically there is
 no longer any data available and the backend tries to recover with
 SignalReset.  That does the UpdateDeviceList() which goes through the
 ports and nodes and gets the guid (get_guid).  My problem is that get_guid
 will no longer get the guid as it errors with "temporarily unavailable".
 Once it gets into this state it usually stays unavailable but occasionally
 it recovers.  Of course I can run plugreport during the time the get_guid
 read is "temporarily unavailable" and it will report the guid just fine so
 I am not sure what to think here.

 Further to above and in followup to reply-7, get_guid claims it is copied
 from some version of plugreport. In actuality, it seems loosely based on
 rom1394_get_guid() in libavc1394. The difference is the version in
 libavc1394 uses a cooked1394_read() which retries the read 20 times with a
 delay between each attempt.  This is probably why plugreport succeeds and
 get_guid fails.  Looks like the way to fix this is to remove get_guid and
 simply call rom1394_get_guid.  I suspect get_guid was copied from an old
 version of plugreport and since then, get_guid was moved out of plugreport
 and into libavc1394, and then subsequently repaired; leaving this version
 of it to rot.

 -- HP

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