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Wed Jun 24 16:41:59 UTC 2009

#6138: HDHomerun Multirec Patches
 Reporter:  cizek at rcn.com  |        Owner:  danielk   
     Type:  task           |       Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  minor          |    Milestone:  unknown   
Component:  mythtv         |      Version:  head      
 Severity:  medium         |   Resolution:            
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Comment(by cizek at rcn.com):

 Thanks for taking a look at this, Mike. Props on the hdhomerun - I've been
 using it for nearly two years and it's really slick.

 I'm not too familiar with the hdhomerun_device calls. I looked into using
 them when I started the multirec work but gave up when I realized it would
 turn one big change - multirec - into two big changes - multirec and
 hdhomerun interface.  I ended up focusing on the multirec only and kept
 the existing interface code as similar as possible to avoid screwing
 things up. If you notice any regressions in this patch let me know and
 I'll look into them, but I'd prefer to keep the scope of this work limited
 to multirec.

 That said, when I worked on this I noticed some things that could be
 improved in the hdhomerun interface in MythTV:
  * Change to use the hdhomerun_device calls you mentioned.
  * Use the tuner locking capability.
  * Add more error handling (I may be wrong, but if communications is lost
 during a recording, MythTV doesn't notice and won't mark the recording as
 Aborted so it can be rescheduled)
  * Combine the DVB and hdhomerun stream handling logic. While there are
 specific ways to tune and filter data from the different device types, it
 seems to me that the data stream and it's handling should be the same
 between the two.


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