[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5900: AO: Generalise upmix and AC-3 encoding

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Thu Jul 9 23:26:00 UTC 2009

#5900: AO: Generalise upmix and AC-3 encoding
 Reporter:  foobum at gmail.com  |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  patch             |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor             |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mythtv            |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium            |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by foobum at gmail.com):

 New versions against r20844 include automatic detection of sample rates
 supported by the hardware (for ALSA, OSS, JACK at least) and therefore
 remove the 'Disabled' SRC quality setting.

 Also, we now pass a CODEC_ID to audiooutput so we can make better choices
 there, such as whether to reencode 2ch AC-3/DTS (which we now do).

 Finally, lavc modified so that AC-3 and DTS decoders emit ALSA channel
 ordering. We now reorder channels to 6ch AC-3 format unconditionally in
 audiooutputdigitalencoder. Should fix analog channel order problems with

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