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Tue Dec 8 05:28:43 UTC 2009

#7721: Can't share video source between differen recorders (2nd try)
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Changes (by mdean):

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 Feature request without a patch.

 Channels which require different tuning information must be unique
 (MythTV) channels (where here I mean the MythTV data describing the
 channel) and, therefore, must exist in different video sources.  So, "It
 would be nice not to have run the xmltv grabber twice for the same data,"
 becomes a feature request for caching support for XMLTV data.

 MythTV's Schedules Direct code currently has caching support (provided by
 Daniel K. as part of the Schedules Direct rework in #3842--specifically
 [14231] and [14232], which closed #3299).  No one has written support for
 caching of XMLTV data, but the foundation is there from the Schedules
 Direct code.

 However, XMLTV provides tools that allow you to gain the same benefits
 without modifying MythTV.  See http://www.gossamer-
 threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/264796#264796 (and, likely, other threads on
 the lists).

 It sounds like you have figured out how to properly define the channels
 with multiple video sources, but if you have any additional questions
 (such as about configuring XMLTV so you only run the grabber once) please
 follow up on the mythtv-users mailing list.

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