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#790: mythvideo *.imdb metadata enhancements
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:4 anonymous]:
 > You do not have to _reencode_ your videos to put them into a matroska

 It doesn't matter.  No one is going to do all that work, except fanatics
 for mkv files.  I agree that they are nice, and I see that much of the
 newer stuff is showing up that way.

 None the less, it would be great to have a transportable file to go with
 video, to handle non-matroska based files.

 Anyhow, it is moot. I have my own system of *imdb files and scripts that I
 use, so that if my database is wiped out, I can just reimport.  I
 sincerely doubt that anyone will allow for the implmentation of this, so
 it is a dead duck.

 It is sad, however.  There is no easy way to a user to send a file to
 another user, outside of mkv files, and have metadata follow.  Right now,
 that's still 99.9999999% of the files out there.  As well, even if they
 did have a mkv file, Myth will not use that metadata anyhow...

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