[mythtv-commits] Ticket #6447: IPTV recorders listen on all interfaces

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Fri Apr 10 07:21:58 UTC 2009

#6447: IPTV recorders listen on all interfaces
 Reporter:  anaerin at gmail.com   |       Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  enhancement         |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor               |   Milestone:  unknown
Component:  MythTV - Recording  |     Version:  unknown
 Severity:  medium              |     Mlocked:  0      
 With IPTV recording, by default the system listens on all interfaces. In
 some situations, for example where a bound interface is limited to a
 specific number of streams, it is necessary to bind a listener
 specifically to an interface. For example:

 IPTV Tuner 1 -> eth1
 IPTV Tuner 2 -> eth1
 IPTV Tuner 3 -> eth2
 IPTV Tuner 4 -> eth3

 Apparently, it's trivial to do this in linux. A call to:

 {{{setsockopt(newSocket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_BINDTODEVICE, ethernetDevice);}}}

 Will do the job just fine. Binding to an address, however, won't work, as
 these are multicast streams, which aren't addressed to "us".

 It may be, however, that this needs to be done within the live555
 libraries, which could cause a problem for us. I would greatly appreciate
 it if someone could take a look into this (minor) change that would add a
 lot of value to the few of us that are using the IPTV recording functions.

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