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#6445: "Film search" could be better
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 Here's a great idea for the film search dialog.

 Currently it's a big list of programs - sort of like the upcoming
 recordings dialog, but listing only programs that are films.  I have
 satellite and there are many regional variations between channels - so I
 have, say, about 20 BBC One's, and this gets confusing seeing a page full
 of films that are exactly the same.  If the film is repeated a few times
 in the week (Film 4 does this a lot) you get loads of entries for
 essentially the same film.

 How about making it more like the program finder dialog?  It can list the
 upcoming films (that haven't started yet) in alphabetical order.  However
 because there are so many remakes and there are times different channels
 will show different versions, there needs to be a sub-list (this is where
 it looks like Program Finder) which lists all the showings, and the
 descriptions at the bottom.


  < Antz >==================/ BBC 1 CI            Saturday 13:00
    Arachnaphobia           | BBC 1 E Mids        Saturday 13:00
                            | BBC HD              Sunday   14:00

 Hope that makes sense.


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