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#5109: filemarkup table is inefficient.
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Comment(by simonwalls at yahoo.com):

 I agree with the submitter.  With a longish path like
 '/storage/videos/miscellaneous/myvideo.mpg' the pathname occupies way more
 space than the markup data. And if the video is a movie with
 MARK_GOP_BYFRAME in use, there can be 100,000+ marks. Ten saved characters
 in pathname will save 1Mb of space. My database jumped 11Mb (is now 73Mb)
 in size after building seektables for a few movies using a similar path to

 Furthermore, this will help with another latent problem. If the video file
 is modified _after_ the markup table is created, and the user fails to
 rebuild it, seeking problems might occur. At present there's no warning if
 there is no seektable, just poor fast forward / rewind user experience.

 If a separate table is used to hold video filenames, then a datestamp can
 be kept when the filemarkup was created, and if the video datestamp is
 later (test this when starting to play the file), output a warning into
 the log using VERBOSE..IMPORTANT (not PLAYBACK).  Video Manager could also
 notify the user of the lack of up-to-date information, and suggest a
 rebuild (or even perform it assuming the user is willing to wait for the
 necessary period of time).

 I have just been through the learning curve for fast forward / rewind and
 finding the correct way to build an index of an mpeg2 movies in Mythvideo
 and it 'could have been easier'. I'll keep an eye on the subject and see
 if I can help.

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