[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5912: Cannot fast forward, skip forward with latest SVN

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Sun Nov 16 10:27:44 UTC 2008

#5912: Cannot fast forward, skip forward with latest SVN
 Reporter:  Paul Lambert <paul at planar.id.au  |        Owner:  ijr           
     Type:  defect                              |       Status:  infoneeded_new
 Priority:  major                               |    Milestone:  unknown       
Component:  mythtv                              |      Version:  head          
 Severity:  medium                              |   Resolution:                
  Mlocked:  0                                   |  

Comment(by Paul Lambert <paul at planar.id.au>):

 Fantastic - that was great advice.  It is indeed crashed when I look in
 the database, and the optimize_mythdb.pl script has fixed it.

 However, anything recorded whilst that table was crashed still won't fast
 forward.  Anything I can do to resolve that?  I'm going to try running
 commercial flagging again to see if that does the trick, but anything

 Also, any logic to why table crashes happen, or magic in myth that could
 keep that under control?  I guess I should have the optimize script in a
 cronjob or something?  Maybe that should be an automatically set option as
 part of the base myth install?

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