[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5433: playing home made DVD frame skipping occurs

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Fri Jun 13 15:04:11 UTC 2008

#5433: playing home made DVD frame skipping occurs
 Reporter:  paul at wilsononline.id.au  |        Owner:  awithers  
     Type:  defect                   |       Status:  new       
 Priority:  minor                    |    Milestone:            
Component:  mythdvd                  |      Version:  0.21-fixes
 Severity:  medium                   |   Resolution:            
  Mlocked:  0                        |  

Comment(by Erik Hovland <erik at hovland.org>):

 Since MythTV's dvdnav is taken from xine, would it be possible to try the
 DVD with xine? The xine that comes from FC8 and atrpms should be a fine
 try. You don't even have to switch your frontend over to using xine
 instead of the internal player, just try the disc in another computer with

 The code that is asserting has little or no difference from the xine or
 mplayer dvdnav libraries.

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