[mythtv-commits] Ticket #4752: Add R5000 STB Support to MythTV

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Tue Dec 30 01:43:01 UTC 2008

#4752: Add R5000 STB Support to MythTV
 Reporter:  alannisota at gmail.com  |        Owner:  danielk 
     Type:  enhancement           |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                 |    Milestone:  unknown 
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:49 thfisher at sympatico.ca]:
 > I have a BEV 6000 with an R5000 that I'd like to get working with
 MythTv.  I can help with the coding/debugging if you point me in the right
 direction.  Let me know what you need.

 I'll be happy to help you with this.
 The simplest thing is to use the R5000 stream to capture in raw AV format,
 and send that to me.

 The output should be PES which means we just need to convert to TS before
 delivering to MythTV.  There is already code to do that in the DirecTV
 library (r5k_directv.c) but it'll take some work, since there is a lot
 more stuff in the directTv code that we don't need.  Basically it'll be a
 hybrid between the vip code and the directv code.

 I need beteeen 10 and 20MB of output to analyze and test, and with that I
 can probably get you something that mostly works very quickly.

 Please contact me by email, as it is too difficult to do development using
 a ticket for communication.

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