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#5507: Mythbackend records but file is empty
 Reporter:  flecki at liwest.at  |        Owner:  ijr    
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:4 anonymous]:
 > If this happens to me, i take out the box provided by the cable
 provider, put the conax card in, and let it run until the keys on the card
 are updated and the scrambled programs are visible again. Then the card is
 good for another month in mythtv until the keys expire again.

 I found that if i make my system powerless(reboot is not enough) - the
 DVB-C and conax stuff updates itself when powering up again - so i donīt
 need the cable box.

 The problem i had was not exactly what you describe since a restart of
 mythbackend fixed it without any key update. It might have something to do
 with a slower than expected decryption so that myth starts to do what it
 does before the channel is decrypted properly ... some timing issue maybe
 - but am only guessing.

 Itīs much better now due to some of the updates that came in with Ubuntu
 or mythtv (no idea what it was exactly). I only get empty recordings like
 1-3 out of 100 so itīs no big thing any more.

 Would be good though to have an automatic check that if a recording goes
 wrong - empty file - at least another attempt is made and the defect
 recording is deleted. I usuallay start recordings 3 minutes earlier so
 plenty of time for retries if something goes wrong.

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