[mythtv-commits] Ticket #5997: soundtouch SSE ASM exposes GCC bug

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Wed Dec 10 19:08:28 UTC 2008

#5997: soundtouch SSE ASM exposes GCC bug
 Reporter:  nigel   |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  defect  |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor   |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mythtv  |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium  |   Resolution:         
  Mlocked:  0       |  

Comment(by foobum at gmail.com):

 Hmm, this does look like a gcc bug specific to your version; neither gcc
 3.4.4, 4.1.1 or 4.2.4 do this for me. We only use 5 (of 8) regs from
 GENERAL_REGS and we could use less but at the cost of additional insns.
 Using -fomit-frame-pointer should help. The attached patch avoids using
 REG_c explicitly in case that helps too..

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