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Tue Dec 2 22:39:02 UTC 2008

#5882: S2API support
 Reporter:  wagabunda    |        Owner:  janne   
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  accepted
 Priority:  major        |    Milestone:  0.22    
Component:  dvb          |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium       |   Resolution:          
  Mlocked:  0            |  

Comment(by mythtv at garagemaxx.de):

 Patch revision 5 against Trunk/R19219: When I do an initial freqency scan
 on Astra 19.2E, I do get a dtv_multiplex table which has

 msystem all NULL
 rolloff all NULL
 modulation "qpsk" on the DVB-S transponders
 modulation "auto" on the DVB-S2 transponders

 Subsequently, a transponer scan on the DVB-S transponders works as
 expected, whereas an scan on the S2 transponders yields "No lock".

 This kind-of sounds related to the import issue.

 I was, as of yet, unable to find out what should be in "modulation" for
 the DVB-S2 channels (I tried "8psk", to no avail), nor whether
 msystem/rolloff is really still used.

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