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#2335: LiveTV hangs when a recording is finished and a new on starts (no channel
 Reporter:  tino.keitel+mythtv at tikei.de  |        Owner:  stuartm
     Type:  defect                       |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                        |    Milestone:  0.21   
Component:  mythtv                       |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium                       |   Resolution:         
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Changes (by stuartm):

  * owner:  ijr => stuartm
  * status:  reopened => new
  * milestone:  unknown => 0.21


 Thanks to Shane we've tracked at least one cause of this problem to a
 url_fseek added to mpegps_read_pes_header() (mpeg.c) during the ffmpeg
 resync(s). It's a frontend bug.

 During continuous transitions we attempt to give the impression to
 avformatdecoder that it is still working on the same file, this avoids
 glitches in playback associated with reseting the decoder. This means the
 file pointer used in mpeg.c is out of sync with the actual position in the
 file following a transition. When mpegps_read_pes_header() encounters an
 error it seeks back to the last good position and tries again, calling
 url_fseek with the wrong position information. This causes
 RingBuffer::Seek to seek past the EOF.

 Shane and I are reluctant to touch avformatdecoder because of the problems
 that causes with ffmpeg resync plus the unforeseen affects it might have
 on playback of unusual streams. The url_fseek change has previously been
 reverted by Daniel after a previous resync because at that time it caused
 problems with DVD playback. Another solution might mean sanity checking
 the position given to RingBuffer::Seek() and unless anyone has a better
 idea that's what I'm going to work on for now.

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