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#3394: GPL FLV Player for MythWeb
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [comment:35 anonymous]:
 > my tv recordings are 16:9 aspect ratio, however the Myth Flash Player's
 aspect ratio is 4:3. This makes the recordings look squashed up. Is there
 any way to detect the ratio and display a player with the correct ratio.

 In order to properly scale the video metadata of the file being streamed
 or downloaded to the player is required. Unfortunately, ffmpeg, which is
 used to transcode into flash video format does not add the proper metadata
 and so theres no way to detect the size of the video content. The player
 was built with this in mind however, so when/if ffmpeg does support adding
 proper metadata or if the transcoding is done by another solution
 altogether which supports it the player will be able to compensate
 automatically without change.

 As for Flash 7 support, this is not entirely feasible as this player was
 developed using Flex 2. Flex 2 was chosen because it is a freely available
 tool and soon to be open source. This matches the goals of the project. In
 order to provide Flash 7 support it need to be developed in Adobe Flash
 which is proprietary and does not meet our goals.


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