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#3585: [PATCH] Add cast information to mythvideo
 Reporter:  anonymous    |        Owner:  awithers
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Comment(by maverik044 <level42 at sympatico.ca>):

 I've updated the patch, the new description is as follows:

 Proposed patch to add cast (actors) information from IMDB to mythvideo.

 1. Database version is up'd to 1014 to add videocast and videometadatacast

 2. Adds "View Cast" button in menu that has "View Full Plot"

 3. Updates videomanager to get the cast information and put it in the
 database (note the script imdb.pl already gets the cast info).  Cast
 information is inserted into videocast and videometadatacast tables.

 4. Adds cast textarea for themes. Existing themes are not impacted and do
 not need to be changed if "View Cast" button is enough for you. Use it if
 you want, otherwise the existing themes will look the same as before this
 patch. For me, I plan to change the "director" container to "cast" in my
 person theme.

 5. Theme file video-ui.xml to allow filtering on cast (actor/actress).  I
 removed "inet" filtering, case I didn't see a need to filter on on the
 IMDB number and needed space for cast filtering. Note that some themes may
 override this file and need to be edited.

 6. Update imdbpy.py to get the cast info

 7. Correct to MythTV.py to get the database IP address properly from
 mysql.txt  (This time its actually included in the patch!!)

 8. White space correction to imdb.pl for cast info.

 9. Updated MythTV.py to include two new functions for adding data to
 videocast and videometadatacast (used by new script, see next bullet.)

 10. new script get_cast.py which will add cast information for all the
 videos you already have in the database. This is handy for people like me
 that have more than 200 videos already in the database and have performed
 some custom editing of the imdb data. PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DATABASE FIRST.
 I've tested it on my collection of 300+ movies, but just in case.  This
 script will only add the first 12 of the cast in the database.  The Imdbpy
 library grabs all actors/actress not just the first bill as mythvideo's
 imdb.pl does.

 The Imdb.py and get_cast.py don't deal with acents in actor/actress names
 properly.  If someone knows how to fix this ...  The imdb.pl script
 through mythvideo videomanager does not have a problem with accents.

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