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#3339: single keypresses are interpreted twice
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 I'm seeing this as well. :(

 The troubles began after a dist-upgrade on my Debian Unstable system that
 brought in a whole bunch of new packages, including the "latest" mythtv
 0.20-svn20070417-0.0. (I hadn't been upgrading the last three months or

 The problem description is that the user interface works just fine until
 one enters the Watch Recordings menu. In there, pressing right to choose a
 program has the effect of two right-presses; it brings up the menu where
 one may play, add this episode to playlist ... delete the episode. Which
 isn't what you want. Pressing Escape brings you back to program selection
 - it is virtually impossible to get to the state of selecting an episode.

 There's is a workaround though. If you choose to play the first episode
 and escape out of that view brings you in the position where an episode
 may be chosen. However you better hope it's on an odd row - because
 up/down jumps two episodes! Note that there's a time-delay of the second
 press of about 500msecs or maybe longer. Effectively, it seems that you
 have selected the right episode for half a second, which might trigger you
 to press enter. Sadly, the double press is processed first.

 I've checked the suggestion of incorrectly configured xorg.conf, but that
 seems OK. I've got no lirc running (this is with an USB connected wireless

 Thank you for any suggestions.


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