[mythtv-commits] Ticket #3446: Enhancement: Configurable exit menu

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Fri May 11 15:12:32 UTC 2007

#3446: Enhancement: Configurable exit menu
 Reporter:  anonymous  |       Owner:  ijr       
     Type:  patch      |      Status:  new       
 Priority:  minor      |   Milestone:  unknown   
Component:  mythtv     |     Version:  0.20-fixes
 Severity:  medium     |  
 There are several use cases where the default mythfrontend exit menu is
 not appropriate:
 * Running mythfrontend as an application on a desktop PC, you don't want
 to accidentally shut down the machine when quitting, but "Exit & Shutdown"
 is always shown on non-backend machines
 * Running a dedicated frontend machine, you don't want to accidentally
 drop to a desktop when you mean to shut down the machine, but "Exit" is
 always shown
 * Running a combined BE/FE, you cannot be CERTAIN that you will never want
 to shut down (for example, if a thunderstorm starts, you don't want to
 leave your machine turned on), but "Exit & Shutdown" is hidden on combined
 BE/FE machines.

 The attached patch enables a configurable exit menu - the default
 behaviour is to proceed using the existing behaviour, and options are
 added in the frontend settings to override those choices - allowing
 inappropriate options to be shown or hidden to taste.

 Trac seems determined to ignore my email address, so if someone feels like
 manually setting it to directhex at apebox.org after this ticket is submitted
 (and inevitably switched back to anonymous) that would be handy

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