[mythtv-commits] Ticket #3426: mythrename.pl can't rename

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Mon May 7 16:17:42 UTC 2007

#3426: mythrename.pl can't rename
 Reporter:  anonymous  |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor      |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  contrib    |      Version:  unknown
 Severity:  low        |   Resolution:         

Comment(by sphery <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>):

 Are these (serious) typos: '2007-05-06 00:36:46' in FROM_UNIXTIME() ...
 database record as '2007-05-05 00:34:00'?

 They're nothing alike, there's no way you should get those particular
 (one-year-apart) values, let alone the 2min 46sec time difference.  Is
 there a 46sec time difference (i.e. 00:36:46 and 00:36:00)?  If there is,
 in fact, a 2:46 time difference, is the program start time 00:34:00
 (progstart) and did your Myth box start recording (starttime) 2:46 late
 (i.e. are you looking at the wrong fields in the DB)?

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