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Fri Mar 23 09:45:10 UTC 2007

#2594: Add multiselect configuration control
 Reporter:  mythtv at dadeos.freeserve.co.uk  |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  enhancement                    |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                          |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mythtv                         |      Version:  head   
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Comment(by mythtv at dadeos.freeserve.co.uk):

 Replying to [comment:6 paulh]:

 I appreciate that using the left/right keys to toggle the selection (and
 therefore not allowing them to be used to move focus to the next widget)
 can be an issue for very long lists. I decided to implement this method
 after some consideration. After investigating how other parts of the UI
 code functioned I concluded that the approach was not to use “select” to
 toggle controls, “select” generally seems to mean “ok, I’ve finished
 making changes (on that page)”, that is at least how it behaves for the
 majority of the widgets.

 As the default was to use left/right to change the state of a control, I
 followed this approach for the list box. I concluded that for the
 multiselect object that I had added to the MythMusic configuration any
 system was unlikely to have such a long list of visualisations as to be
 prohibitive to easy navigation. For lists that are much longer, for
 example the “search music” list in MythMusic, acceptance of the item
 highlighted can be achieved using the “select” button (the dialogue box
 has an “OK” button but it is somewhat redundant).

 I accept that an approach would be to have “left”/”right”/”up”/”down”
 navigate focus and “select” change state, but I personally feel that
 consistency throughout the UI is more important than the problems produced
 by making this change. I feel that any configuration issues that are
 produced by this change should have their design reconsidered to better
 fit with the chosen behaviour of the UI (if anyone is able to highlight
 such “problem” areas to me I would be happy to undertake any such redesign

 If the decision was to change the way all of the other widgets work, so
 that for example, pressing “select” on a toggle widget changed its state,
 or pressing “select” on a combobox widget produced a drop-down list of
 options that could be scrolled through (more in keeping with the way
 X-windows/PC behaves) then I would be in favour of the approach you
 advocate in this case. But it appears to me that such an approach has been
 rejected, and as such, I feel that the behaviour as implemented in this
 patch is following the existing precedence for the UI behaviour.

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