[mythtv-commits] Ticket #3640: mythtv-setup stores incorrect transport frequencies (DVB-C)

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Tue Jun 19 21:15:04 UTC 2007

#3640: mythtv-setup stores incorrect transport frequencies (DVB-C)
 Reporter:  anonymous    |        Owner:  janne   
     Type:  defect       |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  minor        |    Milestone:  0.21    
Component:  channelscan  |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  low          |   Resolution:          
  Mlocked:  0            |  

Comment(by anonymous):

 It looks like the off-by-one was a co-incidence.  I've been using the scan
 specific transport mode and checking the database each time.  Entering the
 initial frequency for the first transport works fine.  It filled in many
 of the transports in the dtv_multiplex table, I then scanned on each
 frequency from that list.  It worked for the next transport, but the
 following one ended up with the channels having the wrong mplexid (or the
 frequency for that mplexid was wrong, there was an mplexid with the
 correct frequency).  The frequency for the scanned transport had been
 changed in the database (why?), the scanner still showed the previous
 frequency on hitting back.

 Buttom line seems to be that the scanner is updating the transport
 frequency for a given multiplex from the correct value to a bogus one.
 The initial scan fills in the correct values, but a subsequent update
 breaks it.

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