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#3655: Commercial skipping for DVDs
 Reporter:  anonymous    |        Owner:  paulh  
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor        |    Milestone:  unknown
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Comment(by paulh):

 Replying to [comment:3 robsbox at optonline.net]:
 > I will check my patch against the latest, then reapply and test, then
 resubmit a patch to this ticket.  Might take me a while, but who knows
 whether it will yet again get obsoleted in the meantime by revisions,
 since I do not have the power to check it in.

 > [Rob steps on soapbox]
 > I have no knowledge of the UI, nor how to change it so that this is
 "optional."  But why should it be optional?  The current system generates
 chapter marks evenly spaced at 5% intervals throughout the content.  If
 the viewer hits the next track button, the content will skip to the next
 5% spot in the recording, which may or may not be where she wants to go,
 and most likely wont be at the end of a commercial break.

 The fixed time chapter points 5 minutes apart was added at the request of
 another user so I'd like to leave that as is. All you need to do is put a
 flag at the top of the script something like
 addCutlistChapters = False

 and only do your new stuff if that flag is set to True.

 If the logic is there it would be easy to add a setting to the UI if there
 is enough interest in doing that otherwise you would just have to change
 the flag to True.

 > Furthermore, I take no credit for how well or poor commflagging
 functions.  My view is that this automation should be made as user-
 friendly and hands-off as possible -- something that the Linux developer
 community in general seems to ignore.  This is why I am totally against
 basing this on the so-called "cut-points" in the recording -- because one
 must watch the recording and manually set these points, which is neither
 hands-off automated, nor does it make sense.  Who wants to record content
 that they already watched?  Somebody does, but if they are marking cut
 points, then they can discard the commercials entirely with the existing
 functionality already present in mytharchive, which is why this suggestion
 does not make sense.

 You don't have to watch a recording to add the cut list. You can open the
 edit screen and press 'Z' to load the commflagger cut marks into the
 editor or you can use
 mythcommflag --gencutlist
 to do it from the command line.

 I '''wont''' accept a patch that uses the commflag cut list it just isn't
 reliable enough.

 > I'm not sure what you mean Paul by the themes having 8 chapters, but
 maybe that has something to do with burning movies, which is not something
 that I do.  As I recall, the existing code slices up the next chapter
 points at 5% increments.  If we use mytharchive to burn something other
 than television programs, then maybe I can see your point regarding making
 this optional.  But as I said, I'm really sorry and can't do it because I
 don't have the skills or the time to acquire them.

 Some of the DVD themes create a chapter menu that allows you to jump to
 set positions within a title. They can be user defined positions or evenly
 spaced throughout a title. All the themes that have these chapter menus
 have only 8 chapter points. It looks like you are replacing these 8
 chapter points with the new ones based on the cut points which is going to
 create problems if there are more or less than 8 cut marks. Maybe it would
 be best to only add these new chapter points for themes that don't already
 have a chapter menu and use the fixed chapter points.

 > Please let me know what you'dlike me to do (within my capabilities) and
 I'll be happy to help out.  In the meantime, I'll generate another patch
 to satisfy Mr._Grieves, and maybe you should take a peek at my patch and
 provide me with suggestions for improvement :)

 I don't wont to spend much time on this because I know it is something
 that I'm never going to use myself but if you supply a patch that works
 with current svn and doesn't break anything I will apply it no problem.

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