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#3762: MythTV database backup documentation updates
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 Since some tables have interdepends, it's really best to lock the tables
 before backing them up so you don't run into issues. It's also poor
 practice to tell users to specify their password on the command line since
 this password is stored in your shell's history and stays in the ps aux
 for the life of the dump run. The password prompt occurs on STDERR so it
 does not interfere with the data dump. The -x is a tables lock, which in
 turn causes a write lock so when you're dumping 1 table, another can't be
 updated at the same time.

 Section 23.5:
 mysqldump -l -c -p -u mythtv mythconverg> mythtv_backup.sql

 It's really poor practice to grep through a mysql dump file and can result
 in issues in formating (as people found out in 23.7 already).
 Section 23.7:
 mysqldump -l -n -t -c -p -u mythtv mythconverg record recorded oldrecorded
 recordedprogram recordedrating recordedmarkup recordedseek > restore.sql

 MySQL isn't always friendly to "-xntcpu" parsing in all versions. The -n
 -t suppress create table and create database, which is what you are trying
 to do with the grep statements.

 Section 23.7 really should be updated with this change since it'll simply
 things from the user side.

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