[mythtv-commits] Ticket #3317: mythbackend memory leak

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Wed Jul 4 10:52:34 UTC 2007

#3317: mythbackend memory leak
 Reporter:  anonymous  |        Owner:  stuarta 
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major      |    Milestone:  0.21    
Component:  mythtv     |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  high       |   Resolution:          
  Mlocked:  0          |  

Comment(by billymacdonald at gmail.com):

 Attached is a patch to fix this leak I believe.

 The ConfigurationGroup class has a virtual function for deleteLater()
 which does not call it's base class's deleteLater().  Therefore, the
 EventLoop never knows to delete this derived class of QOBject.  I haven't
 done a lot of C++ coding so I don't know if what I did is the "proper" way
 to call the base class.

 This would effect any derived class of ConfigurationGroup, which
 ScheduledRecording is derived from, which is a member of the ProgramInfo

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