[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1648: Firewire Recorder missing signal monitor (get's stuck)

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Mon Jan 22 15:09:29 UTC 2007

#1648: Firewire Recorder missing signal monitor (get's stuck)
 Reporter:  xris    |        Owner:  jwestfall
     Type:  patch   |       Status:  closed   
 Priority:  minor   |    Milestone:  0.21     
Component:  mythtv  |      Version:  head     
 Severity:  medium  |   Resolution:  fixed    
Changes (by danielk):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 (In [12618]) Fixes #1648. Fixes #2209. Fixes #2722. Fixes various Firewire

 This is a sync from the mythtv-firewire branch, see it for detailed

 This removes any existing Firewire cards, these must be recreated with
 GUID. The Linux firewire recorder used the port and node on the bus the
 STB was on to identify a recorder, this is not unique across bus resets
 and is not unique in the presence of firewire hubs. The Mac firewire
 recorder just randomly selected STB's for the recorders. This changes the
 code to use the GUID, which is unique to each firewire device, to identify
 which one to use for each recorder.

 We required the user to select the STB model, even when we knew this from
 the vendor and model ID. This automatically selects the proper STB model
 if we know it, otherwise we default to a channel changer that will work
 with any AV/C compliant recorder (though it may be slower).

 IEEE-1394 Bus resets were not handled properly, particularly in the Linux
 firewire recorder. This adds a reset handler which will find the recorder
 if it is still on the bus and resume recording.

 We always leaked memory when using libavc later than 5.3, configure will
 now detect the version and if MythTV is compiled with 5.3 present it will
 require it and will not leak memory. MythTV will still compile with older
 versions, but we will still leak memory if the user later upgrades to 5.3
 without updating MythTV.

 This also merges the IPTV & Firewire TS packet listener classes to a
 single class in mpeg/streamlisteners.h and merges some Mac & Linux
 Firewire classes to avoid code duplication.

 There is still no channel scanner for firewire and the automatic bus reset
 code (to deal with 5C channels) has been disabled in the merge due to
 remaining problems, use the mythtv-firewire branch if you want the latest
 and greatest.

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