[mythtv-commits] Ticket #2968: script to generate DVD box labels for mytharchive native format archive disks

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Sun Jan 21 14:02:48 UTC 2007

#2968: script to generate DVD box labels for mytharchive native format archive
 Reporter:  schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au  |       Owner:  paulh  
     Type:  enhancement                   |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                         |   Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mytharchive                   |     Version:  0.20   
 Severity:  low                           |  
 I'm attaching a small script to generate attractive DVD box labels listing
 the content of MythArchive native format archive discs.  Feel free to
 include this in the contrib section of mythtv, or wherever else seems
 appropriate, or even to incorporate the code into mytharchive proper.

 A few small improvements to mytharchive would make it possible to make
 this script more useful:
   * If permitted by the DVD standard, it would be useful if normal (non-
 native format) Mytharchive discs included the same xml format file for
 each archived item as native format archive discs do.  This would allow
 labels for DVD, as well as native, format discs.
   * For both disc formats, it would be useful to be able to specify the
 name (label) of each disc as it is written.  This would permit this script
 to determine disc names itself, rather than having to prompt for them.
   * To make the previous request easier to use, it would be helpful if
 MythArchive volunteered a name like "MythArchive Disc 1" as the default
 name for a newly generated disk.  If this name is accepted, a counter
 would be incremented, so the next disc would automatically be suggested to
 be "MythArchive Disc 2".
 With all these features added, it would be possible for mytharchive to
 have a button for "Print DVD labels" that would allow you to insert
 previously generated MythArchive DVDs or native format archives, click OK
 on the remote, and have an attractive label listing the content of the
 disc(s) pop out of the printer.

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