[mythtv-commits] Ticket #2821: internal dvd player: reduce dvd drive speed to 2x.

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#2821: internal dvd player: reduce dvd drive speed to 2x.
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 [I hope reopening this ticket is the right thing to do; if not, sorry.]

 This new code seems to cause a problem for me. After playing a DVD, the
 eject button on the drive no longer works. If I execute the command "eject
 /dev/hda" the disc comes out and immediately goes back in again, and after
 that the eject button works.

 Commenting out the calls to SetDVDSpeed in DVDRingBuffer fixes this, so
 it's definitely the speed code I'm afraid.

 The speedcontrol command at http://noto.de/speed/speedcontrol.c works for
 me without this problem.

 I'm using r12454, Debian Sid, kernel 2.6.18, and an "_NEC DVD_RW ND-4551A"

 Let me know if I can provide any more information.

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