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#2811: BBC Series link patch
 Reporter:  dm at prolingua.co.uk  |        Owner:  stuarta
     Type:  enhancement         |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor               |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  dvb                 |      Version:  0.20   
 Severity:  low                 |   Resolution:         
Comment (by dm at prolingua.co.uk):

 I've updated this patch with a new version.  It's gzipped because when I
 tried uploading the plain text version I got a message about rejecting

 This version interprets the default authority descriptor that is
 transmitted in the SDT and currently puts it in the xmltvid field of the
 channel table since that doesn't seem to be used when only EIT is used for
 programme data.  It may be better to have a separate field for this but
 it's complicated because it looks like they will be transmitting it in the
 NIT in due course.  There may be a need for an extra "default authority"
 field in the dtv_multiplex table as well.

 The default authority is used when the CRID transmitted in the EIT begins
 with a "/", which all the CRIDs currently transmitted do, and is intended
 to make the full CRID globally unique.  CRIDs follow the syntax of a URI
 and the default authority has the form of a DNS name e.g. fp.bbc.co.uk.
 It seems that several of the channels apart from the BBC have a default
 authority descriptor.  I've seen bds.tv and communitychannel.org.

 Adding the default authority to the CRIDs in the EIT does make the
 programID and seriesID strings rather longer.  I've increased the lengths
 of the programID and seriesID fields in a few tables in my own database to
 30 characters.


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