[mythtv-commits] Ticket #3058: losing 3-4 minutes at end of programs

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Mon Feb 19 16:03:16 UTC 2007

#3058: losing 3-4 minutes at end of programs
 Reporter:  eric.bosch at comcast.net  |        Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  defect                  |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                   |    Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mythtv                  |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium                  |   Resolution:         
Comment (by eric.bosch at comcast.net):

 I would like to have this ticket closed as I found the cause of this issue
 on my system.  At some point Dynamic CPU speed throttling became
 functional, and it turns out my PC was running at 400MHz-800MHz when not
 under a load.  If the load was increased, the CPU speed would be
 increased.  It appears that this may be an issue that could be addressed
 in the Mythtv code.  If I was watching live-tv, cpu load would be around
 30% at 400MHz, apparently not enough to trigger the Speed governor.  If a
 recording was going on in the background, load levels were extremely low
 (2-3%) in backend, but would have some apparent data loss.  After bumping
 the cpu governor to "performance" rather than "on-demand", cpu speed
 remains at 3.2GHz, and there are no apparent problems of data loss, etc,
 and the CPU load while watching LiveTV is around 10%.

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