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#4240: Recording length has doubled
 Reporter:  tahoward at nc.rr.com  |        Owner:  janne   
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 Priority:  major               |    Milestone:  0.21    
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Comment(by rodago at gmail.com):

 Replying to [ticket:4240 tahoward at nc.rr.com]:
 > When I upgraded from svn 14021 to 14929, all my recordings started
 taking twice the amount of space they used to.  My recording settings are
 still the same - mpeg4, 480x480, bitrate 2100 kbps scaled for frame size.
 My recordings used to take about .7 gb per hour, now they're about 1.4.
 This is happening on a bt848 card, with cable. I also have a PVR 500, and
 it's recordings take the same amount of size, but when I transcode them,
 they also take twice the space they used to.

 I can confirm this issue.  I'm using a PVR 150 on antenna input, and it's
 transcoding to a much bigger file size than it did before I ran an svn
 update earlier this month.  Actually, my file size increase is about the
 same as the one mentioned above.

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