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Sat Aug 25 01:50:49 UTC 2007

#3842: Add Schedules Direct support
 Reporter:  danielk      |        Owner:  danielk
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  major        |    Milestone:  0.21   
Component:  mythtv       |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  high         |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by anonymous):

 Chris H, It shouldn't matter what order you do things in. If you go into a
 "Video source setup" with "North America (TMS Labs) (Internal)" selected
 as the grabber, just tab to that field and hit the left arrow key and that
 will select "North America (SchedulesDirect.org) (Internal)". When you
 create a new Video Source this is the first thing in that combo box so you
 just need to fill in the user id and the password fields, hit [Retrieve
 Lineups] and then select the appropriate SD lineup.

 The MythTV will not automatically convert existing Labs setups to
 Schedules Direct setups, doing so would break the setups of everyone still
 using Labs. We will continue to support Labs while it is still available.

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