[mythtv-commits] Ticket #799: DTV recordings sometimes show doubled recording length

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Mon Oct 30 08:57:36 UTC 2006

#799: DTV recordings sometimes show doubled recording length
 Reporter:  danielk  |        Owner:  danielk 
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  minor    |    Milestone:  0.21    
Component:  mythtv   |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium   |   Resolution:          
Changes (by anonymous):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  fixed =>


 Replying to [comment:13 cpinkham]:
 > This issue should have be by [11330] which went in a short while
 > ago. It was related to #2477 also.

 I don't know if the issue initially outlined in this ticket is actually
 fixed (I presume so, as no one else has replied since), but the issue I
 describe #1941 (which Isaac marked as a duplicate of this issue) hasn't;
 it's still there. I am running ATrpms 0.20-fixes r11558. (Let me know if I
 should just reopen #1941 instead; I'd ahve done so except Isaac was
 insistent that the two issues were one and the same.)

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