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#2397: Back to back recording second recording skipped
 Reporter:  dhighley at highley-recommended.com  |        Owner:  ijr    
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Changes (by josht76 at gmail.com):

  * summary:  Back to back recording second recording skiped => Back to
              back recording second recording skipped


 I thought i had this similar issue. I went back and looked a second time
 to see that the second recording in the back-to-back recordings were being
 flagged as live tv recordings although there is a schdule set to record
 that second show. I had this happen when i recorded the simpsons off fox
 at 7:00p and it got marked as the simpsons - default recording profile.
 The second recording, friends at 7:30 on the same channel gets marked as
 live tv, although it uses a schedule identical to the one setup to record
 the simpsons. This also causes the shows not to been seen correctly under
 mythweb and I think causes them to fall victim to the live tv rule to be
 dumped after 1 day (i increased my time to 7 days). I'm new to MythTV, but
 my guess would be something related to the channel not having to change to
 record the second show, or these recordings losing priority to events
 happening in the background (commflagg or a transcode possibly?) The
 schedule is set to record these shows at any time from any channel (loose
 schedule), but i have also noticied this when using an explicit record of
 two back-to-back programs.


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