[mythtv-commits] Ticket #2670: shutdown won't be initialized any more, once "shut down"

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Thu Nov 9 15:45:51 UTC 2006

#2670: shutdown won't be initialized any more, once "shut down"
 Reporter:  fux at users.berlios.de  |       Owner:  ijr    
     Type:  defect                |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                 |   Milestone:  unknown
Component:  mythtv                |     Version:  0.20   
 Severity:  low                   |  

 once the master backend decided to shutdown my system, even if it actually
 didn't start down entirely, the master never reruns the preshutdown or
 shutdown-commands, although it schedules another "shutdown", when being
 idle again.

 2006-11-09 11:11:00.995 10 secs left to system shutdown!
 2006-11-09 11:11:10.043 0 secs left to system shutdown!
 running /usr/local/sbin/preshutdown on pulp with
 running /usr/local/sbin/mythtv-set-wol on pulp with  19:52 2006-11-09
 2006-11-09 11:13:18.328 Slave backend: zoe no longer connected

 this works well and actually only shuts down my slave backend, the master-
 server never gets shut down. now:

 2006-11-09 16:06:29.100 10 secs left to system shutdown!
 2006-11-09 16:06:39.143 0 secs left to system shutdown!
 2006-11-09 16:09:18.189 Reschedule requested for id -1.

 there are many new "system shutdown" events in the log, but non of them
 are calling the actuall shutdown command any more, which is a pitty.

 In my setup the slave backend gets woken up by wol and records the showing
 I want to record it, but is never send to sleep again, I guess as the
 master itself thinks "he" or the slave is already in sleep/shutdown-mode.

 Well if he really thinks this, he wouldn't have to reschedule those
 shutdown-sequences, so I presume, there is a bug, which prevents the
 server from actually shutting down the system more often than once.

 == workaround ==
 I'm now restarting my backend every wol-call of the client, which can't be
 intentional by design :)

 I know, this isn't the setup you intended to use the shutdown-wakeup-
 mechanism for but this is my usecase:

 My master-backend runs 24/7 and I only want to boot the slave-backend once
 in a while, a record should take place: I use a "shutdown" command, which
 only shuts down the slave backend and the wakeup call is timed with a at-
 cmd-call and a corresponding etherwake-call to the slave.



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