[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1594: Protect against bogus refresh rate reported by X

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Tue Mar 28 18:29:37 UTC 2006

#1594: Protect against bogus refresh rate reported by X
 Reporter:  gsstark at mit.edu  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  defect           |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor            |   Milestone:      
Component:  mythtv           |     Version:  0.19
 Severity:  medium           |  
 Mythtv uses XF86VidModeGetModeLine to calculate a refresh rate. But it
 the ATI driver is giving a bogus value that makes mythtv think the
 refresh rate is 434Khz. I could see how that would confuse mythtv.

 I submitted an xorg bug report:

 But it seems like mythtv can easily protect itself here. It already
 to 60hz if it can't get any refresh rate from X. I would say it should
 fail over to the default if the refresh rate it gets from X is

 I've attached an untested patch.

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