[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1592: Mythweb icons have x's over them in IE

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Tue Mar 28 10:56:03 UTC 2006

#1592: Mythweb icons have x's over them in IE
 Reporter:  anonymous  |       Owner:  ijr 
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  minor      |   Milestone:  0.20
Component:  mythtv     |     Version:  head
 Severity:  low        |  
 Following the re-org,  an rm -rf ....../mythweb/,  on copying current svn
 in, restart apache, one issue:

 1) All images on top row load ok,  then as part of loading they all have
 the image can't be loaded red x overlayed over the actual images

 This is not the case in Opera browser on windows. for instance there is a
 little underscore, so I think it's to do with the mouseover.

 Also,  I do not think that this is a problem if you have upgraded (i.e.
 copied the new mythweb over the previous sort, although I might be wrong
 on this.

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