[mythtv-commits] Ticket #1551: mythtranscode segfault

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Sun Mar 19 13:27:07 UTC 2006

#1551: mythtranscode segfault
 Reporter:  otto at kolsi dot net  |       Owner:  cpinkham
     Type:  defect                 |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:          
Component:  mythtv                 |     Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                 |  
 With SVN 9408 mythtranscode segfaults when transcoding recording from
 MPEG2 -> MPEG2. This happens only for some recordins which are all from

 I've attached mythtranscode logs with following commandline options:
 /usr/local/bin/mythtranscode -j 6 -V 4294901759 -p autodetect -l -v

 There is also backtrace attached (hopefully with all the necessary info?).

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