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Thu Mar 16 03:57:29 UTC 2006

#603: Removable media support in MythGallery
 Reporter:  Aaron McCarthy <mccarthy.aaron at gmail.com>  |        Owner:  danielk 
     Type:  enhancement                                |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                                      |    Milestone:  0.20    
Component:  mythgallery                                |      Version:  head    
 Severity:  medium                                     |   Resolution:          
Comment (by Aaron McCarthy <mccarthy.aaron at gmail.com>):


 I've just attached a new version of the patch that addresses most of the
 issues you mentioned.  The only ones I haven't fixed are
 >   * Exit "Show Devices" on exit from submenu
 Pressing escape while in Show Devices (and the menu is not active) will
 return you to the root gallery directory.

 >   * GetMedias() is unsafe if a device is removed/unmounted while you are
 >  looking at its returned list...
 I will need to implement some sort of locking for this.

 >  There are some UI improvements which would make this much easier to
 >   * Clear marks after operation
 I implemented it like this because I have another patch which allows
 keywords to the selected set of images.  My workflow is select images on
 media, copy/move to gallery, add keywords, clear selection.

 For now I will clear the marks after the operation.

 Marks are cleared after copy, move.

 >   * Allow wholesale clearing all marks
 What do you mean by this?  Under the Marking Submenu there is a "Clear
 item that clears all the currently marked items.

 >   * If there are no marks and operation is delete, mark then delete
 >  selected item
 >   * Bind DELETE key to 'Delete Marked'
 Done.  I have also updated the singleview classes to use the new delete
 functions in GalleryUtil.  Fixed a bug when in singleview mode and images
 were delete, after exiting back to gallery view the directory listing was

 >   * Exit submenu on ESCAPE

 >  Plus there some code problems that need to be addressed:
 >   * Use Qt or C API for renaming/unlinking/copying files or directories.
 >  (Using the shell means needing to worry about shell escaping... As is,
 >  core is unsafe.)
 Done for Deleting.

 >   * Avoid using #define's and #ifdef's when possible. For example you
 >  disable some code when _WIN32 is defined in IconView where it doesn't
 >  like you need to.
 I have removed some of the #ifdef's which shouldn't cause problems on
 win32 (I
 have no way of testing this).  But because the code uses MediaMonitor,
 is only compiled on unix system I have left a few in.

 >   * Show progress bar while performing operation. (The first thing I
 >  to copy took several minutes...)
 Done, but it is not overly smart.  Nested copies, such as when a directory
 is marked, are only reported as 1 item being copied/moved.

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