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Tue Mar 14 22:23:01 UTC 2006

#1513: Channel change problem with cinergyt2 dvb-t
 Reporter:  parasonic666 at web.de  |       Owner:  danielk
     Type:  defect               |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  minor                |   Milestone:         
Component:  mythtv               |     Version:  0.19   
 Severity:  medium               |  

 I have yet another channel change problem with 0.19. Since I have overcome
 my recent channel-scan issues with the 0.19 scanner (finally I have all my
 channels detected after letting the scans run a dozen times with
 incredibly high timeout values), I still have persistent channel-change
 problems during live tv using my terratec cinergyt2 usb 2.0 dvb-t device.
 I had no such problems with 0.18, and this device also works great in e.g.

 Using the latest mythtv-0.19-fixes livetv works great in general, but i
 have strange tuning behaviour with one of my two dvb cards. It seems it
 depends on which channel i change *from*, so e.g. a change from German
 "VOX" to "Kabel1" *always* fails, ending up in the well-known osd message
 that the channel should already been tuned...

 Some specific channel changes (e.g. from VOX to Kabel1 (Germany, NRW) are
 *never* successful with my cinergyT2, the OSD shows (L__) partial lock
 instead of (LAM) lock, if the osd shows up at all. I am still able to tune
 back to VOX then, and escape also brings me back to the menu. Scheduled
 recordings *always* work.

 When I switch from VOX to a channel of a third (different) transponder
 (e.g. ARD), and then again switch to the previously failed one, it works
 like a charm, in my example Kabel1 appears always when switched-to from
 ARD, but never when from VOX... strange. Maybe this is a dvb driver
 problem or specific to the cinergyt2, but in kaffeine all channels
 including all channel hops i ever tried work fine (and much quicker btw),
 just as they did in myth 0.18.

 I definitely notice this since upgrading to 0.19 (7 weeks ago?) up to now
 (9348). Although the channel scanner has become better in the last weeks
 of svn upgrades, the scanner still makes trouble with my cinergyt2 and
 this channel change problem persists totally repeatable for me :-(.

 I also noticed other dvb-t users on the mythtv-users mailing list also
 having trouble getting other "non-mainstream" devices to work flawlessly,
 some of them are also still reporting strange tuning problems after
 upgrading to 0.19. I have no such problems using my dvb-c.

 That all being said, I today noticed ticket #1502, which definitely sounds
 very related! Is there a way to get the fix (the tuning delay) into the 0
 .19-fixes tree or is it already in there? I can't find the corresponding
 setting within my mythtv-setup after moving to 9348, so I guess this is in
 head only, right?

 Some additional info (not sure if important):

  - athlonxp 2400/1gb
  - nvidia 5200 onboard (xv i think - where can i see that?)
  - using ALSA:hw for sound
  - Mandriva 2006
  - kernel 2.6.12-5mdkcustom with latest dvb-patches from linuxtv.org

 In case it is unrelated to ticket #1502 can I provide any information to
 assist debugging this? Sorry, I can handle diffs and patches, but I've
 never used a debugger before and am not a programmer ;-)

 Please request any logs / files / output needed, I'll do my best to
 provide them.

 Anyway thanks for your great work folks!

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